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Show Room:  Gedung Gajah, Unit B2, Ground Floor, No.111, Jalan Dr. Sahardjo Raya, Tebet, Jakarta 12810, Indonesia
 Jl. Tebet Dalam 1 J, No. 25 / 27, Tebet Barat, Tebet, Jakarta 12810, Indonesia
 Tel: + 62 21 8379 4843, + 62 21 8379 4844, + 62 21 8379 4845, Fax: 829 3865 e-mail: 

Polymer, Extrusion, Chemical Pumps & Accessories & Industrial Monitors

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Polymer, Extrusion, Industrial, Compounding Gear Pumps & Systems, Screen Changers, Filtration Elements & Systems, Heat Exchangers/Mixers, Spare parts & 24-hour customer service 
for PET fiber, PET resin, nylon 6, nylon 66, cellulose acetate, PLA, spandex, polypropylene
(We have the widest range than any other manufactures and can supply the complete range and provide complete service).
Contact Person: Thein Win (HP 0816 961 976) 

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Deckma Hamburg (Germany)


Oil in Water Monitors for Offshore, Petroleum, Shipping Industries and for Environment Control
Contact Person: Thein Win (HP 0816 961 976)

Simatec (Switzerland)

Simalube lubricants, Automatic grease tubes for printing machines, Conveyors, Rollers & other
industrial machines.
Contact Person: Thein Win (HP 0816 961 976)            

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Laser Surveying, Speed Measurements, Locators & Leak Detectors

Polymer, Extrusion, Industrial, Pumps, Filtration Systems & Monitors
3D Rapid Prototype Machines, 3D Scanner & 3D Software  
Food Packaging, Food Flavors & Food Utilities
Swiss Hutless & Trulli Race Karts, Parts, Access. Ready Stock
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